Why M25 Group and What's next

14 May 2017 . category: Update . Comments
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So I accepted an offer from a Venture Capital firm in Chicago. This is one of my dream career choices. How my interest for VC started is for another day but here are top three reasons why I choose to work at M25 Group.

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1. Team

I am the fourth employee at the fund which means I get to put on a lot of hats. I have more say in how we work and implement new projects to optimize processes.

2. Involvement in Investment Process

I will be directly involved with analysis of startups that the firm looks at and improving my analytical skills. This provides me a unique perspective to gain an understanding of emerging businesses.

3. Opportunity

Coming right after college after 18+ years of guidance into the “workforce” is not only overwhelming but also confusing. I knew I liked startups and entrepreneurship from my previous internships and people that I know. I wanted to do something in that world and with my background, VC was the perfect opportunity.

I am not only be learning valuable skills but most importantly, I am building a valuable network.

Going forward, I will be writing five days a week about what I am learning. It will be in the format of “Top 3 things learned.” So if you want to checkout what I will be learning everyday, look out for my posts on various platforms. Pick your faviorite one: LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter and newsletter.

Checkout other side projects that I will be working on.


Abhinaya Konduru is VC at M25 Group. She loves startups, data, and videos.