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13 May 2017 . category: Update . Comments
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To keep up with industry changes and my own interests I will be working on various projects. Here is my list:


- Write five times a week

I will be writing five times a week starting today on what I learn every day. They will be about top three things that I learned for that day. The posts will most likely be about what I am learning on the job, from my network and random thoughts.

- Data visualization

I love working with data sets and telling a story with it. However, I am not the best at it or know what I am doing. I want to write a detailed blog post about how I am making each visualization.

I know how useful this can be because that is how I learned. One day, I will make a website to build a community around it where people are sharing their process of making data visualizations.

- Videos

I have been making Hustlepreneur videos over the past year and I really like making them. I want to continue that and find a different content to make videos about.

Check out the video that I made recently about questions that my family and friends had about my job:

- Reading

I have been slacking with reading books over the past year since I have been reading Medium posts a lot more. I want to get back to reading books and here is my reading list (insert link).

- Chi Hack Night

I college I attended Chi Hack Nights regularly but I couldn’t really commit to a project. It is about time.

- How much time do I spend finding an outfit?

I do not know about you but I struggle with finding an outfit in the mornings. I feel like I am spending at least 4-5 min either searching for an outfit or figuring a right combination. So I want to record how much time I am actually spending every day trying to find an outfit for the next six months.

If I am actually spending that much time, I might switch to limited options such that I have five different shirts/blouses and mix and match pants, accessories, and shoes.

More on this later


- Precious Plastic

Every time I use a piece of plastic that is easily replaceable with a non-plastic item, a piece of me dies. We are knowingly using plastic that doesn’t degrade at all.

I want to work on the Presious Plastic project.

- Bhagavad Gita

I have read/listen to my grandparents about Gita way back when I was eight years old and I want to read it again.

- Learn Hindi

Hindi is not my mother tongue but being from India, I was taught Hindi for over 6 years from elementary school through middle school yet I still can’t speak it.


Abhinaya Konduru is VC at M25 Group. She loves startups, data, and videos.