iMessages Sticker Pack

24 Jul 2017 . category: Build . Comments
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July -

Released a sticker pack for iMessages.

Its Game of Thrones themed catch phrases with animations. It took me about a week to make the stickers and less than 24 hours to get approved on Apple store.

The initial idea came through Reddit and when I checked the App Store for any Game of Thrones related stickers. There was only one that really stuck out but didn’t find any others. That is why I decided to make one.

I wanted it to be GOT related but something you can use outside of the series as well. A lot of existing stickers are just pictures but I wanted this sticker pack to be GIFs because they are more fun :grin: I used this post to guide me through the entire process.

Currently, utilizing Reddit and Facebook to promote with promo codes. I will update this post once I have more data to show.

What do you think about the stickers?


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