The Feature Google Fusion Table Need to Have

31 May 2017 . category: 3TL . Comments
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May 31, 2017 map

Two Criteria for VLOOKUP

Let’s say you have a data set of people names but first and last name are recorded separately. The information you want to look up have first and last name combined. You have two options to use the VLOOKUP correctly.

  1. Make a helper table by using “concatenate” formula.
  2. Do a different type of “concatenate” formula directly in the cells. Example: Vlookup(C2&” “&D2,data,3,FALSE)

Acronym: CAGR

It stands for Compound Annual Growth Rate. It’s a metric that is calculated at a constatn rate of return over a time period.

One Feature that Fusion Table need to have

I have been really enjoying using Fusion tables until I found out that the geocode of multiple data points at the same location doesn’t work properly. You have to manually adjust the geo-location to have the marker showup on a map like this. drone
Hopefully, Google adds in an algorithm to take care of this in the next version.

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