How to communicate frequency in a data set?

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This post is part of my series, where I will be writing five days a week on top 3 things I am learning related to VC, startups, social media, etc.,

May 24, 2017 meeting

Introduction Emails Subject Line

person 1 (company) <> person 2(company)

It tells who the people are and where they are from all in the subject line.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Churn Rate

Churn rate shows how may people discontunied their membership. It shows how many people a company lost during that month. To calculate Customer Churn Rate: (Customers beginning of month – Customers end of month) / Customers beginning of month


Word clouds are a great way to communicate frequency in a data set. It shows the necessary inforamtion that is readable and differentiates enough to understand. You can easily create a word cloud with

Top 5 cities who lend money on,
Top 5 cities who lend money on,

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