What do tulips have to do with bubbles?

24 May 2017 . category: 3TL . Comments
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This post is part of my series, where I will be writing five days a week on top 3 things I am learning related to VC, startups, social media, etc.,

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Key Performance Indicator (KPI): Burn Rate

Burn rate is how quickly a startup is spending money. It’s a measure of negative cash flow. Basically, it shows how fast a company is losing money. To calculate gross burn rate (company’s total costs):

[ ($) total amount spent month B - ($) Total amount spent month A ] / ($) Total amount spent month A X 100 = (%) Gross Burn Rate

If you want to learn more, check out Burn Rate 101: How to Calculate and Understand Burn Rate.

Inbound Vs. Outbound deals

Inbound Deals- Deals come from people you know or from the website.

Outbound Deals- You are actively reaching out to get deals.

Tulip Bubble

If you don’t know what tulip bubble means go read this ASAP. It is about how and why tulips rose and fell in popularity.

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