GMV does not equal revenue

23 May 2017 . category: 3TL . Comments
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This post is part of my series, where I will be writing five days a week on top 3 things I am learning related to VC, startups, social media, etc.,

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The term GMV is used around marketplace companies. The numbers are glossy when a high priced item is sold with low margins compared to low priced item with high margins. Revenue is usually a fraction of GMV.


Annual Contract Value is the annual revenue paid by a customer based on contract per product. It is also used to show trends of growth numbers.


So I am not that great with remembering names :smirk:. To get better I am going to be trying various techniques. First “technique” I am going to try is to associate names with history. I seem to remember numbers and historical personnel the best. Follow me on twitter to see some of the associations.

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