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This post is part of my series, where I will be writing five days a week on top 3 things I am learning related to VC, startups, social media, etc.,

May 17, 2017 alt text

After meetings write down notes

Once you have a conversation with an entrepreneur write down notes about what happened in the meeting because you will forget about it. I prefer to type out the notes because I can easily search when I need them.

Acronym: GMV

Gross Merchandise Value: Total value of merchandise sold over a period of time. It’s mainly used for online retail. It is calculated based on how much the customer paid at the point of sale not including coupons, shipping, tax, etc.,

The new silk road

China is looking to build a global trade route. It will consist of roads, bridges, pipelines, railways and power plants. More than $5 trillion is being spent to connect more than 60 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

That’s a lot of Cheetos ($5T/$3.5 = 285,714,285,714 :satisfied:). alt text

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