What do you call an industry where one sells collectibles?

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Recommerce is also known as reverse commerce. Think of eBay whenever you hear this word.

This is how urban dictionary defines it. “The act of conducting business online with the realisation that your old products have value and likely loss aversion. The product holder therefore increases their revenue to repurchase a new product whilst selling back their old ones.”

If you want to know how this word came about, check out Wikipedia.

Just do this 10:30 EST/ 09:30 CST

When you are coordinating meeting times between time zones, do not just include the time and time zone. Actually, type out both time zone times. Trust me this makes everything easier.

Github doesn’t have SSL certification for custom domains

I have been hosting my website on Github and recently found out that it does not support “https” for custom domains. This is what makes a website secure (http vs. https). So I had to look for a workaround or pay money for hosting.

Obviously choose the workaround :grin:. You can setup CloudFlare account and redirect the site from there. You can find full instructions here. Not the best option for everyone but it will work for now.

alt text If you are on my website and still getting “not secured” message after 48 hours, please DM me on twitter.

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