Abhinaya is a VC at M25 Group. She double majored in Finance and Mathematical Computer Science at Univeristy of Illinois at Chicago. While she was there, she led the finance student organization and co-founded the Portfolio Management Team which is now one of the largest organizations in the college. She was also a part of numerous programs to help increase digital literacy in the community by partnering with Google and Blue1647. When she finds a problem, she seeks to solve it by taking action. She started a YouTube series, Hustlepreneur, where she showcases up-and-coming entrepreneurs by documenting their day. She grew up in India and suburbs of Chicago. Currently, she lives in Little Italy where you can find her exploring this beautiful city with her camera.

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24 Jul 2017 . Build . Month 1- iMessages Sticker Pack Comments

July -

Released a sticker pack for iMessages.

Its Game of Thrones themed catch phrases with animations. It took me about a week to make the stickers and less than...



Drop a message if you want to talk. I am on twitter more than anything.